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Logik Remote Controls

Each of the Logik models listed on this page are operated by different remote controls. To locate the right Logik remote control for you, please select the appropriate model for your appliance. If you aren't sure what your model code is, you can usually find it on a label fixed to the back of your appliance.

If you are unable to locate your model code on this page, (or have any other difficulty in locating your remote), please contact us as our technical team can often find items that have been missed from our online listings.

Please select your model from the dropdown list below:


...or select your model from the links below:

01M4736001   01M4737001   01M4740002   076200F002   076G007006   1030   290270006001   313923811571   32LW782   4098   4698   HRS2031012121   HRS2031012140   L19DVDB19   L2STB09   LCX14LN1   LCX14R1   LCX17LN2   LCX27WN2   LCXW30NN6   LDR1   LDR1A   LDRV2   LDRV3   LOG21C127   LPVR168   LPVR88   LSTB665   MOD960A   RC1030   RC1050   RC146360300   RC750   T739   VESA   VR945   VR960A  

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